This one excites me — I remember when Chris introduced it via video and half the team came up saying “wow, what a great song, we should learn this!” It was written for the “Desperation Conference” at Kenneth Copeland’s church in Colorado in 2001. All three worship leaders from that church rented an apartment together for a month, fasted, prayed, and wrote worship songs together.

I was 15 — this was my first conference that I ever attended. 40 hours of driving from Clarksburg, West Virginia all the way out to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I heard the writers sing this song. I went home with a “smart CD” — audio tracks, NOW with the leftover space on the disk filled with data: the original PDFs and sheet music for each song.

I love this song. This song and I have history. More importantly, though, it espouses a message that we too often skip over in the American church: “I need help.” Don’t get me wrong; it’s affirming and positive, too. I just feel that we’ve lost some of our vulnerability. Half of the psalms wouldn’t be sung in corporate worship today, and I mourn the loss of public mourning and weakness. I think we need the freedom to sing “I need You, Jesus, to come to my rescue; where else could I go?”

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