Partnerships with Ministries and Projects

“No man is an island” – over time, I’ve had the joy of being connected with fine folks across the US and across the world. They’ve helped shape me into who I am today, and I am proud to support their continued efforts loving and shaping others.

Akiru Ministries

My wife, Abbey, was born in Texas but raised in Kenya, as her parents were full-time missionaries there for 23+ years. Alan and Leah began under a missions organization, but became independent in 2007. They have helped plant churches, teach Bible classes at universities in Nairobi, educated women to read and write, dug water wells by hand, and so much more for nomadic tribes who travel through their area every 1-2 years.

Leah was given the Turkana name “Akiru” — the Turkana have two words for rain: akaale means ‘flooding rain’ and akiru which means ‘rain that refreshes the Earth.’ She brought life and joy to the people there.

Leah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022 and passed away in 2023. Alan suffered a stroke while caring for her at home and is currently recovering. Abbey is in continued communication with church leaders and village matriarchs to continue coordinating care as Alan recuperates and prepares to return.

Today, we continue their efforts to bring life and opportunity to nomadic Kenyans far beyond city limits.