This is going to be a short update, and it’s more for me than it is for you.

I’m trying to lose weight. I know that it all starts in the kitchen, and I’m not making excuses. I am larger than I should be because I ate three pieces of fried chicken last night instead of two… or one. I know healthier food exists. I know that if I give up some evening time, I could make it. Or I could give up some weekend time and meal prep for the week ahead. I’m lazy, and I’m motivated to spend my weekends and my evenings spending time with my family.

The catch-22 here is that if I keep treating my body like a landfill, I’ll rob myself of extra years with my family. So I have to do something.

I own P90X and P90X3, as well as other Beachbody programs. The problem I run into there, again, is time. Space is a factor, as well, but it’s mostly time.  And everyone always says that something is better than nothing (like in bowling, as my friend always chants: “one is better than none!”). So I’m doing something. It’s infinitesimally tiny, but it’s something.

Two mornings ago I did 25 squats in the shower.

Yesterday I did 5 pushups.

This morning I stretched. I stretched a lot. Specifically my low back and legs, because of the squats. I did a lot of toe touches, holding as long as I could to let my back release. I don’t know if I slept weirdly or what, but that’s what I could reasonably do in the bathroom before getting ready for work.

I know it’s not going to make a massive difference, but I feel that it’s better than nothing. Maybe after I’ve been at work a while today, moving around a bit, I’ll do a burpee in the bathroom or something.

One is better than none, right?

This is where I am. I’m 5’9″, I weigh 235, I haven’t run in ages, I haven’t lifted since before my second daughter was born (uh, in… November…), and my work schedule is making gym visits really, really hard. So I do bathroom bodyweight work in 2 minutes or so. I feel awful about it. But it’s more than I did last week. So maybe I’ll add more over time. We’ll see.