One of the leading ways that people make money online is through Affiliate Marketing. Essentially, if you have a product or service that you would like to promote, you can pay me a portion of your proceeds in exchange for me advertising for you. This happens all over the world with ecommerce, books, courses and more.

For example, if you go to Amazon through my links, Amazon will pay me about 4% of the purchase at no additional cost to you simply for encouraging you to buy something from their site. My commission comes directly out of their profits.

In my blog posts, I will often link to books or tools that I’ve found useful. When you click that link and buy it, I get 4%. Here’s the fun part: if you buy anything else while you’re there, I still get 4%. It’s a literal thank-you from Amazon for sending them business.

Try it out:  Joe’s Amazon Link 

That’s right, I can get sales credit for your purchases, and like I said, it doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

Tons of websites have affiliate programs; signing up for them is usually pretty simple. For example, I’d love to sign up as an affiliate for certain health supplement companies I’m currently enjoying. However, I don’t exactly have a ton of readership, so right now Amazon is the only one I’m utilizing. If I add other affiliates, I will note them below.

Thanks again for reading! Your time and attention mean the world to me.