Rise and Sing – A

Originally by Fee.

This song is a little difficult, rhythmically, but it could always be worse.

Practice Track – Joe, extra vox, electric guitar and bass

This was fun. For the backing vocals, I used two mics on opposite ends of the room, singing closer to one, but getting two tracks out of it. Huzzah!

Practice Track – CLICK – Joe, extra vox, electric guitar and bass

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I Won’t Let You Go – DADGAD

Originally by Jon Foreman / Switchfoot.

This song has resonated with me for a long time. I’ll probably add more thoughts later, but for now, I want to get these files uploaded.

Practice Track – Acoustic Guitar, Joe’s Vocals

I did not sing verse 2, as we’re attempting the Jon Foreman and Lauren Daigle duet version with our worship team. A separate recording may make its way here eventually. Until then, if you don’t like it… deal with it. 🙂

Practice Track with click