I have fun re-structuring songs. My brain is like a sandbox of light bulbs, all playing together until two light up and say “hey, look how bright we are when we’re together!” I hear songs and wonder, “What if there were no other instruments? What if this song was gravely and dark instead of poppy and bright? What if a man sang this instead of a woman?”

I can’t help myself. I have an active imagination and a home studio.

I hope you enjoy consuming what I enjoyed creating.

God bless.

I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You – Colin Hay

This song has been rattling around in my head for years. I still don’t have all of the actual guitar runs down perfectly, and I substituted a few chords for the sake of simplicity, but it’s still a beautiful song to sing. I always loved the sentiment, and at one summer camp after a particularly touching campfire service, this song came to me in an important way. I just started telling God that I don’t ever want to get over the goodness of His grace and mercy and love, I don’t think I can possibly forget Him even in the worst of times, I’m just enamored by every facet of His nature…  so what if this weren’t a love song but a Love song? What if I could re-write the original to tell God I’ll never get over Him?

Well, I stayed up until 1:00a that morning finding out what it would sound and feel like if the song could be repurposed. Here is the result.

All Around Me – Flyleaf

This was just a demo track for my current worship team. We wanted to do a cover of this song with a few minor tweaks:

1) Let’s not be too HEAVY a la Flyleaf
2) Let’s not be too DELICATE a la Crowder
3) The part about “my tongue (or any tongue) dancing behind my lips (or any lips) for You” is kind of an image I don’t want a bunch of teenagers dwelling on when they sing this song so uh now it’s “my words dancing upon my lips for You” and DON’T YOU START THE SLOPPY WET KISS ARGUMENT WITH ME EITHER DANGIT for some reason I prefer “sloppy wet kiss” in that song but come on, tongue play? Not in worship there will not be, not on my watch, y’all just simmer down now.
4) Criminey, it’s hard to make the slow bridge softer in an acoustic version of the song so pffft I cut it

Download/view the PDF I used here:  [ All Around Me – G ]